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GMO Vote to Label!

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Keep It Real Thursdays – Cinnamon Citrus Spiced Braised Lamb Shanks | beyondthepeel.net.

YUM! Think I will cook tonight

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Science, Pseudoscience, Nutritional Epidemiology, and Meat.

Bad Science, Just like the  Framingham study and the China study. Just not good research. So one should really know how to read statistics and research data before jumping to conclusions about articles that are published. Then you can know better who to trust. meat is good and we need it as the B12 in any vegetable source is not assimilated by the body just as the minerals in grains are not unless the phytic ascid is removed by sprouting. I just read an article by another person about what this guy is saying in his book, Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health. To lose weight or even eat well, we need to look at the kind of carbs we are eating. the ones that raise our insulin levels are the fat carbs that can make us gain weight and not be able to lose it. HFCS is one that, unless you get off of it completely you will not lose weight or get healthy or heal heart. It is heart disease in a bottle haha really.

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Good Fats, Bad Fats: Separating Fact from Fiction – Weston A Price Foundation.

I love this article by Chris Masterjohn. He is easy to understand.

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How I Healed My Child’s Cavity — The Healthy Home Economist.

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Dr. James Howenstine — What You Need to Know About Root Canals, Part 1.

It is important to know you do not need to have this invasive procedure. You can heal this with diligent hygiene and nutrition that heals along with some coconut oil.

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To Keep Off Pounds: Pass The Nuts, Hold The Chips : Shots – Health Blog : NPR.

OK so our favorite foods are keeping us from losing fat. Besides eating good fats and lots of them need to cut out the processed carbs like chips and potatoes and fries(not a vegetable to our body, more like sugar) and other goodies we like with our proteins.

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