Homeopathic remedies last a lifetime

This is interesting and helpful in case you have some old homeopathic remedies in the cupboard. Don’t throw them away, just make sure they are labeled.


course1aIt All Starts With Breastfeeding

Sleep disordered breathing is on the rise. Children are not being diagnosed with it but it is rampant in my opinion. They are being diagnosed with ADHD among other things when really it is a lack of sleep! It all starts with Breastfeeding! And the mother’s nutrition.

This is interesting. I do believe that sleep deprivation in children is huge. This is suggesting ADHD might be more a sleep disorder. I would agree. They used to ask about sleep when diagnosing ADHD but don’t anymore…..maybe the Drs should ask and have that be a criteria again. But I would not allow my child to be diagnosed with ADHD until the sleep is looked at. We used to get 10-12 hours sleep when I was a child. Now they are up doing homework till 10 or later and up early, just not good… Lack of sleep can also be a breathing problem. Sleep apnea in children is more prevalent than we realize. Because of mouth breathing and lack of good nutrition these children have no airway and usually need orofacial myofunctional therapy which is not very well known but will be. Look it up on Mercola’s website.



Beta Glucan 1,3/1,6 and respiratory infection

Beta Glucan can help with upper respiratory infection or symptoms. People who use this as a supplement should use the purified Beta Glucan. It is in yeast which used to be used in breads but not so much anymore so we don’t get this vital yeast in breast, foods now.

This article will help us to get some notice. Nose breathing is something that should be normal. Mouth breathing is NOT normal.


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